May Happenings

May is a very important month and we want your voice to be heard. May is when we get to vote at Grand Lodge. We will read all new legislation Thursday May 6th and decide as a lodge how we want our vote cast. But before that we get to eat together! YES, show up at 6 for dinner.

What else is happening? Well I’m glad you asked. Saturday May 15 the Blue Smoke Cooking Crew will be taking the traditional Chicken Dinner out to a picnic. Yes, all your favorite items cooked in a different way and sold at a Curbside Pickup. Call me (don’t email, text, smoke signal or morris code) to get your pre-orders in.

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Chicken Dinner!

The World Famous Chicken Dinner will be here again on Saturday. We’re doing Curbside Pickup 3:30-5:30 filling your orders. Yes, that’s right, we’re taking pre-orders until Thursday, after then you’ll have to roll the dice. Preordering is easy, just call Sue Overlay with how many dinners you want. Be sure to tell your friends, family, and the lady at the grocery store. Our goal is to sell 200 meals, and we need your help getting us there!

See you Saturday at the Curbside Pickup!

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Breakfast for Dinner

Beat the cold with a comfort dinner of Breakfast! That’s right, Saturday January 23 is our annual Breakfast for Dinner… Curbside pickup edition! And for a Mere $10 you’ll get: Quiche, Cheesey Potatoes,Glazed Ham & a cinnamon delight.

service is 4:30-6pm or until we run out so come early! See you Saturday.

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